The Aurion Unibody System trolleys are designed following the original concept of “monocoque”: the trolley and
the drawers are moulded in a single piece of Baydur® Polyurethane, that assures peerless sturdiness and reliability, great hygiene and perfect cleaning qualities.

The drawers slide on non-metallic guides directly integrated in the body, that makes the cleaning and the maintenance easy as well as allows the user to reposition and change the configuration to their liking.

Most of the devices normally used in the hospitals are already integrated in the body and located in the protective perimeter of the rubber bumper, all compact and safe.

The large range of accessories allow to propose solutions fit to every needs. The final user can easily modify and upgrade the trolleys’ equipment.


Aurion Compact
Aurion Mega

The suitable solution to every demand.

The ideal solution when more space is needed.